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Thanks, it's good to hear from you! Good communication is golden... and right now we are just a phone call or email apart.

Dialing (212)721-8640 is still a great way to reach me for scheduling your sessions, inquiries, gift certificates, etc. (and required for time-changes and cancelations). Please allow the phone to ring several times. If nobody picks up, please leave a clear message; I will respond as soon as possible.

Or use the email interface, below, (exercising patience, if needed, while interpreting the web host's extra-super-squiggly reCAPTCHA spam-prevention letters).

I also always appreciate hearing whatever kind words you may have shared about my practice with friends, family, co-workers, classmates, neighbors, teachers and health caregivers; and on online review sites, blogs and social networks. So, you are cordially invited to email or call to let me know about that, too. Thank you! very much.

Best to you all ways


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